Monthly Archives: August 2012

Working through the lists


31 August, 2012

Am slowly working through the lists. I’ve pretty much reached the stage where if it’s not ticked off by now, then too bad. It’ll be a case of make do, do without, or buy it over there. Ticking off items is interspersed with a lot of breaks for a bit of a read. Had my trial pack last night. Not too much of a problem keeping clothes to a minimum, but even so, they do take up most all of my bag. So not sure where all the extras will go. Deep suspicion that the day pack will be filled to overflowing unless there is some dramatic editing of the ‘absolutely must have’ list. And some pruning of the clothes, probably.

Missing the Zigger. Even though he doesn’t do a heck of a lot, he exerts a strong presence on the place, and it’s even stronger in his absence. I keep catching glimpses of him and then realise it’s a pile of stuff in the shadow. Have so far resisted the temptation to call and see if he has settled in ok. At least it is sunny today, and the cat motel has lots of sunny spots for cats to sleep in. Given that sleeping in the sun is his favourite occupation, apart, perhaps, from sleeping in front of a heater, I guess he’ll be happy enough.

This post is an attempt to work out the intricacies of blogging on little Mac. The text bit is ok-ish (though limited style options; need to find another ‘theme’) but it’s the pictures I’m having trouble with. Don’t think this is a little Mac issue, per se, but rather my inability to work out what I’m doing wrong. It’s all most frustrating. And time consuming. Still, I’ve managed to get some pics from camera to little Mac, that’s a start.

Finally managed to get a pic up (but not using little Mac): see evidence above. The lists are calling again…



Ziggy, le chat sans dents

30 August, 2012

Well, the Zigger in now at the cat motel. He settled down remarkably well. After a couple of hisses and snarls at the other feline inhabitants, he curled up in the comfort of his basket, albeit with large owl eyes. In fact, he appeared to cope better than I did!

Ah well, time for a trial pack to see if everything will fit into my very small bag.


Pot de départ pour Lisa

29 August, 2012

Finally, a blog. Thank you, Murray, for helping me set it up. Nothing is ever as simple as I think it will be, so getting the hang of this will be a bit of trial and error. Only a few days now before we leave and still a myriad of things to do. Top of the list at the moment is working out how to do this blog. So regard this first post as a trial run.