Autumn in Paris

Paris, October 10, 2012

Overcast again today, but the rain held off, and it wasn’t cold. No wind, makes a difference.

Started the day in what’s become our usual leisurely fashion. It doesn’t help that it doesn’t get light until quite late here, about 8.00 am. Will be strange when we get home and have to adjust to daylight saving. Slight crisis for me in the clothing department, given recent washing disasters, but decided the patchy trou could be passed off as a fashionably distressed look. (In fact, the only thing distressed was me; the trou didn’t look fashionably distressed or fashionably anything, for that matter.)

Spent the late morning and early afternoon wandering around town, this time making our way to Ile St Louis, where we had lunch (filled baguette) at the pointy end of the island. Navman was perfectly happy because he could watch the commercial traffic to his heart’s content. M-from-London joined us later on and we spent a very pleasant afternoon in the Marais, mostly window shopping but with an occasional purchase by some of us.

Ended the day having an aperitif dinetoire (not sure about that spelling, will have to check it out) at the home of friends of M-from-London. A big thank you, A. and S., for your hospitality; we had a great evening and enjoyed meeting you and your friends – fabulous apartment, fabulous food, fabulous company!



We have our canal cruise tomorrow (yeah, I got it wrong about it only being on Friday) and someone who shall be nameless decided we should do the morning one, so time to get some shut-eye as we have an early(ish) start tomorrow.


Oops, may have made a bit of a blunder with the title of the blog. Apparently Mac is a slang term in French. For the record, Mac is my Macbook Air, bought specially for this trip because of its portability and light weight (11-inch and weighing about 1kg).

It’s the first Mac I’ve owned, and I am a convert. I’m still not expert at using all the features (plenty of time for that when I get back home, eh Andrew?), but it has certainly lived up to expectations. Anyone thinking of travelling, this is the machine you need if you’ll be doing much writing. I had considered an iPad, but so glad I opted for little Mac Air. Not much time for reading on this holiday, but have done a heck of a lot of writing – as you will no doubt know, if you’ve managed to reach this far in the blog. Little Mac is perfect.


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