From Z to A

Paris, October 17, 2012

We’ve just arrived home after a day trip to Amsterdam, somewhat later than planned because of a fault with the signals on the TGV track between Rotterdam and Antwerp. So this is going to be a short blog to bring things up to date from Sunday.

So, first, Zurich. We had a great time in Zurich, thanks to the very warm welcome and hospitality of D, P, and the two children. Thank you both, and we look forward to catching up again in a couple of months or so. Nice to hear a Kiwi accent too!

It was a full-on two days. We arrived early afternoon, had coffee at the tallest building in Zurich, a walk to the park and children’s playground and a tram home when it started to rain. Loved the trams, as we have in every city we’ve been in that has them. Such a good way to provide hassle-free transport. In the evening, dinner at a beer hall; good food and a great ambience — a good choice for family dining.

Next day, we were on our own as D & P had work. We took the trams and did a little explore, without getting lost I might add. We went to Sprungli for coffee and cake. Delicious.  We went for a walk down to the lake, followed by lunch – one of the best meals we’ve had. A pasta dish for me, in a cream sauce with a touch of chilli and a beef and risotto dish for Lew. The menu offered a choice of only three main dishes, which included the soup of the day and a salad if you wanted them. The place is called Restaurant Viadukt. Try it if you’re ever in Zurich.

After lunch we checked out the Freitag container shop – a stack of containers selling expensive bags made out of used plastic, we think railway wagon tarpaulins. They were a bit too distressed-looking and expensive for us, though I did find a couple I liked. There were other unusual shops there too, one in a converted bus, plus some attractively unkempt gardens, one in a huge upturned skip.

We liked Zurich for its human scale (though the railway station was huge and confusing and despite the very good instructions from D & P on how to get there, inevitably we took the long route to our train!). It’s also pretty, with the lake and the trees in their autumn colours. I did find it discombobulating, after a few weeks getting my ear accustomed to French, to be hearing Swiss German and realizing I didn’t have a clue what was being said. Luckily everyone seems to speak English. It did make me realise, though, that I’ve become more comfortable with being immersed in French than I thought.

Well, that’s as much updating as I can manage this evening. The Z is done. The A will have to wait till tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “From Z to A

    1. janandlew Post author

      It’s up now. Had problems loading pics. Do you know about the aviation museum about a half hour from Paris? Bookstore man was telling us about it today.


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