Would you believe it…?

Paris, October 16, 2012

Dear J and G

We were exasperated. We are now exhausted. But we are also exhilarated. There is so much to tell you. Seven things have happened.

One, there was a prolonged squawk and, you’ve guessed it, Sydney’s back. We were so pleased to see him. A big bundle of snowy white feathers without a hint of singe. He smells better than he has for years. I guess a few chips and a visit to the dump may change that. I wonder where the Paris dump is?

Then, and this is the second thing, Dexter knocked on the door. Well, we didn’t know it was Dexter until after he had told us his name. Would you believe, it was, and I kid you not, the banjo-playing frog. His name is Dexter.

Well, we then put the whole four together. They get on like a house on fire. There’s lots of sparks, and sometimes we can see Sydney sidling off to ensure that he doesn’t get singed.

The next thing that happened – they argued. They’d decided to get together again and give it one more try as a band, this time as a quartet. Sydney said he wanted them to be called Le Chippolaaaaaaatas (again). Thumper said he wanted them to be called the Four Carrots (can’t figure that one out). Loppy said he quite liked Le Chippolaaaaaaatas because chipolatas were long skinny sausages, and dogs liked them. Sydney said chippolaaaaaaata is the cry of the lonely seagull.

When the argument was in full flight, Dexter did a riff (just like the one Michael J. Fox does in Back to the Future). This brought the argument to a thunderous halt. In the ensuing silence, Dexter looked at each of the other three and said, punctuating his words with loud strums and the occasional pluck, ‘We are not Le Chippolaaaaaatas, we will never be the Four Carrots, we are, and Paris is ready for this, the Frog-eyed Peas.

This announcement was met by stunned silence. Even Sydney shut up. Jan said it was the first time for many years she had seen him with his beak closed. I looked at Dexter with admiration. Frogs are so smart, I thought.

As both Loppy and Thumper were wearing frog eyes already and Dexter, of course, can never take his off, it was only left for Sydney to put the eyes on (and not the rolly eyes either).

Jan said at that moment the eyes have it, and we all rolled around laughing. It was such a great moment. It was the moment of the formation of what may become one of the great bands of history. Here’s the first photo of the Frog-eyed Peas. Note that Dexter is looking very pleased.

The battery on my computer is running down, and I need to do the dishes, and I can’t tell you the next three things that happen until tomorrow. But believe me, I have told you about the exasperation and the exhaustion and I’ve just started on the exhilaration. There is more to come.


© Lewis Rivers 2012


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