Nearly home

Melbourne Airport, Tuesday 23 October, 2012

Here we are, just about to start the last leg of the journey home. Had a good flight so far, but the eyes are a bit red-rimmed and am having  a bit of trouble holding them open. We are certainly converts to premium economy, what a difference the extra leg room makes. And of course for this last leg we get business class. And you know what that means. Qantas lounge! Yummy breakfast bar. A shower! I repeat, a shower! What a treat.

So, journey nearly over. Just had email from landlady in Paris to say she hoped we’ve had a good journey home and that it was now fine and sunny in Paris. Isn’t that always the way? Still, it didn’t matter that it was grey and overcast and sometimes rainy during most of our three weeks there. It wasn’t cold. And the rain was nothing an umbrella couldn’t handle. Also, remember what a run of fine and sunny and hot weather we had for the bulk of the trip. I still find that amazing.

Signing off for now. Just time for a coffee and then it will be boarding.



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