Are they coming home?

Paris, 18 October, 2012

Dear G and J

Oh how time flies. And us too. We are soon to leave for home, and that means 30 hours flying and somehow keeping the four quiet, if they decide to come with us, that is. Sydney will, that’s for sure. The others? Maybe. The one I am most concerned about is Dexter. He has a mind of his own. He is one smart frog. The others basically follow the chips, or carrots, or sausages. Dexter, though, is smarter than that and he may need some convincing to come with us. Still that’s a few days off…

But – getting back to the seven things. If you remember, I’ve told you four. The last three are all of the exhilarating kind.

The Frog-eyed Peas have kicked up a storm. It is amazing. The four made their first appearance in a street parade where a whole lot of bands were carted on the backs of trucks along the rue de Rivoli. The trucks stopped at intersections and the bands all did their stuff. Well, the whole of Paris went ballistic when the Frog-eyed Peas had their turn. Thousands climbed on the top of bus shelters and danced, thousands more followed the truck with the four, singing along to Yesterday and The Rainbow Connection. There was even, at one point, a mass yodel. Sydney almost passed out with the thrill of it!!!

And it didn’t end there. That night, the Frog-eyed Peas played, by invitation, at the Paris Opera, which is much larger than the Khandallah Town Hall. Jan and I were even allowed to attend for free, and best of all, we could go back stage and look out at the crowd.

There was only one downside to the whole matter and that happened after the concert at the press conference. Yes, they were so popular that they have already had their first press conference. Anyway, rather alarmingly, and this is the only time this has ever happened, all the paparazzi cameras went off at the same instant. Whoa ho, what a flash. I have managed to get a copy of the photo and, as you can see, the flash is ballistic. The downside? There was a distinct smell of singed feathers following the photo. However, a quick check showed no real harm done to the famous plumage.

Later . . .

Oops, had the most serious interruption. Jan appeared with a bag of pain au chocolat and by the time I had finished my share, I completely forgot to finish off the postcard.  Well, no harm done … on with the story. It is now tomorrow, which is a bit confusing because that would make yesterday today with no international date line in sight. Are you confused? I’m confused. But anyway, the story…

The next day, which of course is two days ago now, we had a very serious meeting with the Frog-eyed Peas, and Dexter decided they would come to New Zealand, but not with us. You see, early on in his career in the circus, Loppy had a most unfortunate accident on a high wire. Apparently the act was for Loppy to dance on the high wire while the knife thrower threw knives between his (Loppy’s) legs. The whole act ended up in a heap on the floor and Loppy now hates heights, so the Frog-eyed Peas are coming to New Zealand by ship.

Dexter has organised a gig on a cruise ship that arrives in Wellington in December. It is my job to book the Khandallah Town Hall for their first New Zealand gig.

We waved good bye to the four from the banks of the Seine and watched as they headed down to the coast on a peniche, ready to join the cruise liner.

Jan and I are heading off to catch the A380 for the long trip home. We are a bit sad not to have the Frog-eyed Peas with us, but relieved too.

Well, I guess that’s the end of Sydney’s adventures in France, but it sure isn’t the end of Sydney. Given half a chance, he’ll pinch anyone’s chips. One thing we know for sure, wherever Sydney is, a fracas will not be far behind!

See you in a couple of days.


Copyright © L. Rivers 2012


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